”Real culture is here to be found. First of all, we can begin by cultivating taste, rather than impoverishing it, by stimulating progress, by encouraging international exchange programs, by endorsing worthwhile projects, by advocating historical food culture and by defending old-fashioned food traditions. Slow Food assures us of a better quality lifestyle. With a snail purposely chosen as its patron and symbol, it is an idea and a way of life that needs much sure but steady support.„

Slow Food Manifesto

30 years of the Slow Food Manifesto – Our Food, Our Planet, Our Future is the Slow Food international campaign to celebrate our history and look to the future of the planet, starting with food.

Since its beginnings, Slow Food has grown into a global movement involving millions of people in over 160 countries, working to ensure everyone has access to good, clean and fair food.

Celebrate with us!

1 - 10 December

Members of our global Slow Food network are organising fundraising events in celebration of this 30th anniversary. You can participate by donating to the campaign and joining our international network of activists dedicated to saving the future of food and the planet.


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Building a better future starting from food!

30 years of the Slow Food Manifesto – Our Food, Our Planet, Our Future

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